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IGCA — Italian Greyhound Club of America

IGRF Rescue for Houston — see IG's available for adoption in the Houston and South Texas areas

IGRF Rescue for Texas — adopt a Texas Iggy in need of a home

Henry's Heart Iggy Rescue — a Houston-based rescue organization specializing in Iggies in need

AKC — American Kennel Club

Westminster Kennel Club

ASPCA — American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Onofrio Dog Shows — our area dog show superintendent/show and entry information

Silver Hounds / the Senior Project — raising funds for privately owned Italian Greyhound rescue organizations to help defray medical costs of senior foster dogs

Caring Critters — Houston-area Animal Assisted Therapy organization

IG Activities — IGCA's page about obedience, agility, lure coursing, and racing, with links to LGRA and NOTRA


Internet Social Networking

Texas IGS — a Facebook page for all iggie lovers, but particularly those in the South Texas area! It is intended to be a place to discuss our "fur kids," announce playdates and meetups, ask questions, give tips, share photos and connect in general.


IGCGH Member Websites

Debbie Fuxa — Azygous IG's

Stephen Hale — IGHouston

Cecilia Resnick — Fiore Italian Greyhounds


Health Related

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation — their mission is to advance the health of all dogs by funding scientific research and disseminate health information to prevent, treat, and cure canine disease.

ASPCA: A Poison-Safe Home — common foods not to feed your pet, plus other household hazards

ASPCA: Toxic Plants — list of household plants that can be hazardous to dogs Pet Proof Your Home — a health and safety guide to help protect your pet from common hazards in your home and yard

Pet — an extensive list of foods you should not feed your dog

IGCA Breeder Archive — a comprehensive website with features including the ability to list health testing, and run statistics on the breed — DNA-based breed management using verified DNA identification from UC Davis' Veterinary Genetics Lab's Canine Diversity Test

Canine Eye Registration — CERF maintains a valuable registry (including DNA information) of dogs found to be unaffected by heritable eye disease with the goal of eliminating heritable eye disease in purebred dogs (data maintained by OFA)

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals — information about orthopedic and genetic diseases (including CERF registry) of animals, including IG's

The Pet Web Library — informational materials on some of the most common medical concerns of pet dogs (and cats)

Brush your IG's teeth? — it's not always easy, but here's some advice on how to do it



IGCA Merchandise — Italian Greyhound goodies for both IG's and their humans

IG Rescue Items — lots of great IG-related products, and the proceeds benefit IGCA Rescue — pet diapers, water vests, harnesses, seat belts, and more for dogs with special needs

Hound Togs™ — coats, rain slickers, and snoods made just for sighthounds, plus you can designate a portion of the purchase price be donated to IGCA/IGRF rescue

Karen's Kollars™ — beautiful hand-sewn martingale collars for your sighthound

Martingale Collars by Laurie Keyser — elegant sighthound collars, including velvet and jeweled styles

Mrs. Bones' Bowtique — the original custom decorative dog collar for discriminating dog owners

Silk Road Collars — beautiful sighthound collars and people stuff, too

Sit Up 'n Beg — finely handcrafted soft leather collars, harnesses & leashes for pampered pets and the people who love them

Snob Hounds — collars, coats, and pajamas to put the "snob" in your hound

Custom Braiding — hand-braided leather collars and leads

DriDudz — do something unique with all those show ribbons

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IggyZine — online magazine

The IG! — online magazine

Want to make clothing for your IG?

Does your IG prefer "home-cooking"?

Information about puppy mills


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