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IGCA — Italian Greyhound Club of America

IGCA Rescue for Houston — see IG's available for adoption in the Houston and South Texas areas

IGCA Rescue for Texas — adopt a Texas Iggy in need of a home

AKC — American Kennel Club

Westminster Kennel Club

ASPCA — American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Onofrio Dog Shows — our area dog show superintendent/show and entry information

Silver Hounds / the Senior Project — raising funds for privately owned Italian Greyhound rescue organizations to help defray medical costs of senior foster dogs

Caring Critters — Houston-area Animal Assisted Therapy organization

IG Activities — IGCA's page about obedience, agility, lure coursing, and racing, with links to LGRA and NOTRA


Internet Social Networking

Texas IGS — a Facebook page for all iggie lovers, but particularly those in the South Texas area! It is intended to be a place to discuss our "fur kids," announce playdates and meetups, ask questions, give tips, share photos and connect in general.


IGCGH Member Websites

Debbie Fuxa — Azygous IG's

Stephen Hale — IGHouston

Cecilia Resnick — Fiore Italian Greyhounds


Health Related

American Kennel Club Canine Health Foundation — their mission is to advance the health of all dogs by funding scientific research and disseminate health information to prevent, treat, and cure canine disease.

ASPCA: A Poison-Safe Home — common foods not to feed your pet, plus other household hazards

ASPCA: Toxic Plants — list of household plants that can be hazardous to animals

Pet — an extensive list of foods you should not feed your dog — free medical alert tags for your dog

Canine Eye Registration Foundation — part of the Veterinary Medical Database, CERF maintains a valuable registry (including DNA information) of dogs found to be unaffected by heritable eye disease with the goal of eliminating heritable eye disease in purebred dogs

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals — information about orthopedic and genetic diseases of animals, including IG's

The Pet Web Library — informational materials on some of the most common medical concerns of pet dogs (and cats)

Brush your IG's teeth? — it's not always easy, but here's some advice on how to do it



IGCA Merchandise — Italian Greyhound goodies for both IG's and their humans

IG Rescue Items — lots of great IG-related products, and the proceeds benefit IGCA Rescue — pet diapers, water vests, harnesses, seat belts, and more for dogs with special needs

Hound Togs™ — coats, rain slickers, and snoods made just for sighthounds, plus you can designate a portion of the purchase price be donated to IGCA/IGRF rescue

Karen's Kollars™ — beautiful hand-sewn martingale collars for your sighthound

Martingale Collars by Laurie Keyser — elegant sighthound collars, including velvet and jeweled styles

Mrs. Bones' Bowtique — the original custom decorative dog collar for discriminating dog owners

Silk Road Collars — beautiful sighthound collars and people stuff, too

Sit Up 'n Beg — finely handcrafted soft leather collars, harnesses & leashes for pampered pets and the people who love them

Snob Hounds — collars, coats, and pajamas to put the "snob" in your hound

Custom Braiding — hand-braided leather collars and leads

DriDudz — do something unique with all those show ribbons

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IggyZine — online magazine

The IG! — online magazine

Want to make clothing for your IG?

Does your IG prefer "home-cooking"?

Information about puppy mills


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