Is an Italian Greyhound right for you?

It's easy to fall in love with the Italian Greyhound breed. Their impish, affectionate personalities are charming. Their regal appearance is captivating (and requires almost no grooming). Their size is ideal for a companion — small enough to sit on your lap, but big enough to be a "real" dog. All of these qualities make IG's very appealing, but they are definitely NOT for everyone!

While IG's are "low-maintenance" from a grooming standpoint, they are very "high-maintenance" emotionally — they can be downright needy in their appetite for attention and affection. IG's can be stubborn about house-training issues. Italian Greyhounds sometimes display depression or destructive behavior when they don't receive adequate time and interaction with their humans.

Italian Greyhounds generally get along very well with other IG's, small dogs and cats. IG's are NOT well suited for living with rambunctious larger dogs or young children (a broken IG leg can mean very high vet bills).

People with IG's often refer to themselves as "being owned" by their dogs. We urge anyone considering adding an Italian Greyhound to their lives to learn about the breed before doing so. IG's often live to the age of 15 and beyond, so it's a long-term commitment.

Here are some links to help you learn more about Italian Greyhounds:
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Official Breed Standard
Is an IG the Right Breed for You?
Where to Get an IG (and Why)

After your research, if you are convinced that you and an IG are right for each other, you need to decide whether to purchase from a reputible breeder, or adopt from rescue. In either case, be prepared for an extraordinarily rewarding experience!

Purchase from breeder — this link provides a list of IGCGH member breeders and information regarding other available IG's
(If you decide to purchase, we urge you to seek a breeder who follows the IGCA* Code of Ethics.)

Adopt through rescue — this link connects you to the IGRF* rescue web page for Houston and South Texas

*IGRF (Italian Greyhound Rescue Foundation) was founded by the IGCA (Italian Greyhound Club of America), which is the national "parent" club for the breed, and is a separate organization.

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